Administering a deceased person’s estate can be lengthy, complicated and difficult.

Next Generation Estate Planning Lawyers offers a range of services to efficiently and effectively assist in the administration of a deceased person’s estate by:-

    • interpreting, communicating and enacting the terms of the will;
    • collecting the funds, assets and property of the estate;
    • distributing those assets to the beneficiaries;
    • administering an intestate estate i.e. where there is no will or an invalid or incomplete will, in accordance with the rules of intestacy;
    • finalising the estate affairs with accountants and financial advisers, if needed;
    • administering any succession plans;
    • obtaining Probate or Letters of Administration;
    • dispute resolution.

Next Generation Estate Planning Lawyers can assist executors and trustees in administering the estate of a deceased person and beneficiaries in managing their bequests.

What it costs:

Please contact Next Generation Estate Planning Lawyers to discuss your particular requirements. We will explain what we will do for you, how long it is likely to take, and give you a costs estimate. There will be no charge for the first consultation.


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